800px-A BabyCow

Tugal (2 Uherin dundas)


Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2 der anh uzegdsen Animal Breeding n 2 Amitni dundas Baby Animals turdug

Yaj 2 amitni dundas turuleh ve ?

Wheat bariad oir yava 2 amital der Wheat ujg hoorondoo naaldaj Zurh alga bolihod 2 Amitani tursun bdag

Delgerengui medelelig endees

thumb|right|480px|Ene mini hisen video =)

Minecraft ulam goy bolsor l bna

Harj bgaz ene video der uzegdene

You Tube der bdag bol Subscribe , Comment and Like


Keep Playing Minecraft =)

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